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Announcing the launch of the international institute for legal project management

The newly-established IILPM enables a four nation training network.

Announced on March 13, 2017 by the International Institute for Legal Project Management (IILPM)

Legal Project Management is the application of project management principles and practices to enhance the delivery of legal services.

With the global trend toward fixed price legal services and the introduction of the role of Legal Project Managers within the legal environment, the understanding of applying LPM principles and practices in the law firm is getting more critical.

Research initially conducted by the Business Education Institute in Australia involved legal project practitioners across 9 different countries and found an inconsistent application of legal project management principles and practices. In fact, LPM in practice was found to include technology enablement, process improvement and people leadership.

A collaboration between LPM experts across the globe led to the establishment of a new International Institute of Legal Project Management with its head office in Perth, Western Australia, supported by a network of LPM Accredited Training Providers in the USA, UK, Spain and Australia. It is set to bring a consistent quality standard to LPM education worldwide.

The inaugural ATP provider serving the U.S. is LPM Alignment, a subsidiary of Legal Alignment LLC. 

“Up until now there have been no worldwide standards or competencies that guide LPM education, and law firms have been unable to adequately assess training providers or validate employee skills to a recognized global standard."


- IILPM Chairperson Todd Hutchinson

The Institute sets the standard for professional competencies in legal project management, offering recognition at two international certification levels: the Legal Project Associate certification that focuses on those supporting legal matters, and working in legal matter project teams, and the Legal Project Practitioner certification that focuses on those leading legal matters.

LPM Alignment exists to align legal project management with the way lawyers really work. Alignment is our secret sauce, and it's the difference between LPM success (and profit) and failure. We provide training and the only globally-recognized certification in LPM to individual legal professionals, firms, practice groups, and in-house counsel. Visit LPM Alignment to learn more, or contact us.

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