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    LPMAlignment offers the only internationally-recognized Legal Project Management training and certification for individuals, practice groups, firms, and in-house counsel in the U.S.


    LPM Alignment is the first approved training provider in the U.S. for the International Institute for Legal Project Management's (IILPM) LPM certification program. IILPM's certification is the only globally-recognized program offering a validated project management competency framework applicable exclusively to the management of legal projects.


    We enable legal professionals to immediately implement LPM effectively and efficiently within their workflow by combining application of IILPM's strategic competency framework with critical training in aligning LPM with your organization's culture and goals. Learn more about the competency framework for LPA and LPP certification.


    IILPM offers two certification levels: Legal Project Associate (LPA) and Legal Project Practitioner (LPP). LPM Alignment provides the requisite training to achieve these certifications — on-site for custom workshops, at our headquarters in Nashville, TN, and in cities across the U.S. Go here for registration information for currently-scheduled live workshops.

    Legal Project Associate (LPA)

    Requires a minimum of two days (14 hours) of training for certification.

    The Legal Project Associate (LPA) designation recognizes a person with introductory knowledge about legal project management; the LPA has the ability to either support legal matters or work on the LPM team.


    Certification as an LPA requires a minimum of two days (14 hours) of training. LPA training is not a prerequisite for Legal Project Practitioner (LPP) training and certification. As well, LPA training may not be applied towards LPP certification.


    See the LPM Training section for LPA certification workshop options.


    See the LPM Competencies section to learn more about the outcomes of LPA training.

    Legal Project Practitioner (LPP)

    Requires a minimum of three days (21 hours) of training for certification.

    The Legal Project Practitioner (LPP) designation recognizes a person with deeper knowledge about legal project management AND experience working in the legal profession. Certification as an LPP requires a minimum of three days (21 hours) of training. As well, applicants for LPP certification must meet at least one of the following requirements:

    • be a licensed attorney;
    • have worked in a law firm for at least one year;
    • have worked with internal legal counsel (in-house) for at least one year; OR
    • have worked with law firms in the capacity of advisor, consultant, or trainer for at least one year

    See the LPM Training section for LPP certification workshop options.


    See the LPM Competencies section to learn more about the outcomes of LPA training.

  • Legal project management: Training

    There is but one way to implement legal project management (LPM) successfully: obtain intentional training in its core competencies. You must know the how and what, in order to connect to the why. The why has become quite obvious: clients, from individuals to Fortune 100 companies, are increasingly demanding greater value at lower cost from legal service providers, along with seeking greater certainty in fees. The proven way for legal services providers to assure value concomitantly with cost containment and still maintain a healthy profit? Legal project management.


    And the core competencies global certification through LPM Alignment by IILPM is the only globally-recognized certification in existence. It was created through extensive research into the five key competency frameworks published by global and national PM organizations combined with PM competencies relevant specifically to legal profession competencies, as vetted by LPM experts from nine different countries.


    But IILPM's strategic LPM competency framework alone is not enough. To succeed in implementing LPM, you must seek and find alignment – with the people and processes within your organization. At LPM Alignment, we provide the only U.S.-based training and certification program to address LPM holistically: not only do we provide in-depth coverage and training in the core LPM competencies — we apply human centered design methods and processes to the design and execution of successful legal projects. Our workshops also address the necessary leadership and change management tools that are crucial to the successful integration of LPM into any existing organization.


    LPM Alignment currently offers the following training options:

    Training Workshops: Four Levels

    LPM Alignment schedules training workshops throughout the year in the Nashville, TN area and other U.S. locations, including San Francisco and Atlanta. We offer the following four levels of training:

    1. Overview of Legal Project Management (half day)


    2. Legal Project Management Essentials (1 day)


    3. Legal Project Management Fundamentals (2 days - earns LPA certification)


    4. Applied Legal Project Management (3 days - earns LPP certification)


    To register for a currently scheduled workshop, please go HERE.


    Our hosted workshops are ideal for individuals and small firms wanting to learn more about LPM and how it can serve their practices. We also find them to be a helpful introduction to LPM for midsize to larger firms and in-house groups wanting to explore LPM and its alignment with goals and desired outcomes.


    To learn more about the requirements for LPA and LPP certification, please see the LPM Certification section.


    To express an interest in a workshop level and/or geographical location, please contact us.

    Training Workshops: Custom

    held onsite

    For larger groups (firms, practice groups, in-house divisions), custom training workshops are ideal. LPM Alignment trainers come to you and deliver training customized for your organization. Via a thorough pre-workshop planning process, we're able to target the most critical elements of LPM training to meet your organization's specific needs and goals. Custom training provides the most economical and efficient path to meaningful LPM implementation within a larger group or organization.


    Custom workshops may result in either LPA or LPP certification (or a mixture of both), depending on the needs and goals of your organization.


    Contact us for information about scheduling a custom training workshop.

  • The LPM Alignment difference

    A division of Legal Alignment LLC, LPM Alignment is the only U.S.-based LPM training and consulting entity offering a globally-recognized LPM certification based upon validated competencies in combination with the practical training to lead change and successfully implement LPM within an existing organizational culture.


    We know from 50+ years of combined legal, LPM, and change management experience that successful change must be led intentionally and in a way that aligns with an existing organizational culture. This is why we provide practical tools and methods for aligning LPM within your organization's unique culture in order to lead the change that LPM implementation generally requires.


    While many aspects of LPM are consistent with the way lawyers work, there are an equal number of aspects that differ. To this, add a new lexicon (terms "work breakdown structure") and concepts such as Agile and Lean, and you can expect to face reluctance among lawyers who are suddenly being asked to embrace LPM. Without the proper introduction and coaching, many legal teams dismiss LPM as a fad, or, even worse, a challenge to their autonomy.


    Trust us when we say that your most strategic investment is in learning how to introduce and integrate LPM into your firm or organization. Such a strategy ensures success and paves the way for an easy introduction of LPM into your workflow.


    The bottom line: the very best LPM training in the world is useless if you don't have the tools to integrate it meaningfully into your organization's culture and workflow. This is why we focus intently on teaching you how to align LPM to the way you and your colleagues work. Because this is the only way LPM works.


    meet people where they are

    In our training workshops we include significant training in how to align LPM with the way work flows in your organization. The alignment assessment process isn't complicated or even very time-consuming — yet it can be the single most important step in successful LPM implementation.


    In our custom workshops, we're able to delve even deeper into your organization and what's required to find alignment with LPM. We've found this level of focus to be critical for organizations that seek the greatest ROI on LPM.


    Alignment — it's the secret sauce, the fundamental piece that others overlook, and it's the reason why some succeed (and profit mightily) from LPM, and others don't.



    help them go where they need to be

    Hand-in-hand with finding alignment come the tools to effectively manage any change to workflow that LPM requires.


    With nearly 20 years of combined hands-on experience with LPM in various organizational settings, we've developed a set of practical, fundamental tools that do just this. And we share these tools as part of the training and certification process, giving you the advantage to ensure success when you launch LPM within your organization.


    Hhowever, tools only work if you know how to use them. Understanding how to align LPM with your organization, and within the dynamic context of leading change, is the first step. You then know which tools to use, and how to use them, to achieve your organization's LPM goals.


    Legal Project Management as a distinct discipline requires training and practical mastery in core competencies supporting the application of project management principles and practices to enhance and enable the effective delivery of legal services in the 21st century. These competencies are set out in the Legal Project Management Competency Framework (LPMCF): a global standard encompassing proven project principles and practices and extending to technology enablement, process improvement, and people leadership (team dynamics).


    The LPMCF competencies for Legal Project Associate (LPA) and Legal Project Practitioner (LPP) were established based on the concurrence of LPM practitioners from nine countries, and are formalized in the IILPM-backed training provided by LPM Alignment.


    LPM Alignment is the first U.S.-based approved training provider capable of delivering training which leads to the globally-recognized certifications issued by IILPM and supported by the AQF. To learn more about this international standard for professional development in legal project management, go here to download the LPMCF Executive Summary.


  • lpm alignment leadership

    As the sole U.S.-based providers for IILPM's international LPM certification, the LPM Alignment team draws on trainers across the US with deep experience in legal project management, and is lead by Larry Bridgesmith, JD LPP, who is an Authorized Training Provider (ATP) for the globally-recognized IILPM certification training.

    Larry Bridgesmith,

    JD LPP

    Co-Founder & Lead Trainer

    Larry Bridgesmith, JD LPP is listed as one of America’s Best Lawyers, among the Leading Lawyers for American Businesses and SuperLawyer.


    He is a member of the International Academy of Mediators and of the Dispute Resolution Section Council of the American Bar Association. Larry has served in management roles for boutique and mid-sized law firms throughout his career.


    Larry founded the Lipscomb University’s Institute for Conflict Management and served as its inaugural Executive Director. He coordinates the Program on Law and Innovation at Vanderbilt School of Law.


    He holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certificate and is an adjunct professor in legal project management, conflict management and mediation at Vanderbilt University School of Law, Belmont University Massey Graduate School of Business, The Nashville School of Law and the Albany Medical School Alden March Institute for Biomedical Ethics.


    In 2013, Larry was awarded the Grayfred Gray Award for Public Service in Mediation by the Coalition for Mediation Awareness in Tennessee. His practice in facilitation and training in organizational change management has taken him across the country and around the world.


    Larry is CEO of Legal Alignment LLC, which he co-founded together with Cat Moon and Adel ElMissery. Legal Alignment provides LPM training through LPM Alignment, as well as legal project management and technology support through DASH (in development), an artificially intelligent legal productivity management technology providing interoperability with a lawyer’s preferred set of legaltech support tools.


    Larry is on the Advisory Council for IILPM and holds the Legal Project Practitioner certification.


    Read Larry's journey to LPM here.

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